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      Posted: Oct 4, 2018

Birth Defects, Cancers and Autoimmune Diseases   (Caused by Radiation from Nuclear Facilities or Testing ?)

It is time to consider what ionizing radiation, including internalized low-dose ionizing radiation, can do to animals and humans. A page linked here is titled Low-dose or low-dose-rate ionizing radiation -- induced bioeffects in animal models. The Abstract for this page declares:

"Animal experimental studies indicate that acute or chronic low-dose ionizing radiation (LDIR) (≤100 mSv) or low-dose-rate ionizing radiation (LDRIR) (<6 mSv/h) exposures may be harmful. It induces genetic and epigenetic changes and is associated with a range of physiological disturbances that includes altered immune system, abnormal brain development with resultant cognitive impairment, cataractogenesis, abnormal embryonic development, circulatory diseases, weight gain, premature menopause in female animals, tumorigenesis and shortened lifespan."

The page linked above continues: "Paternal or prenatal LDIR/LDRIR exposure is associated with reduced fertility and number of live fetuses, and transgenerational genomic aberrations." The "transgenerational genomic aberrations" does not sound good. Let us consider further what this can mean. Linked here is the Abstract for a page titled Transgenerational genomic instability in children of irradiated parents as a result of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident. That abstract declares:

"The study of families irradiated as a result of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant revealed significantly increased aberrant genomes frequencies (AGFs) not only in irradiated parents (n=106, p<0.01), but also in their children born after the accident (n=159, p<0.05). This is an indicative of the phenomenon of transgenerational genomic instability." Some experiments were performed. The page states: "The spectrum and frequency of chromosome aberrations were studied in the 1st and 2nd cell generations. The average AGF was significantly increased at all doses (except 0.1 Gy) in children of irradiated parents, as compared to children born from non-irradiated parents."

For further information about the phenomenon of transgenerational genomic instability or transgenerational genetic effects, plus chromosomal aberrations and mutations as a result of ionizing radiation, check out the pages linked below.

Looking once again at that page on Low-dose or low-dose-rate ionizing radiation, linked here, it speaks of the different effects which low-dose ionizing radiation can have on different entities. It states: "The differences in reported effects of LDIR/LDRIR exposure are dependent on animal genetic background (susceptibility), age (prenatal or postnatal days), sex, nature of radiation exposure (i.e. acute, fractionated or chronic radiation exposure), type of radiation, combination of radiation with other toxic agents (such as smoking, pesticides or other chemical toxins) or animal experimental designs."

Basically, what the information above is saying is that not everyone is affected the same by low-dose ionizing radiation. Some may have almost no observable problems with a specific amount of this radiation, while someone else could be seriously affected. The page linked above also declares: "Available data indicates that LDIR or LDRIR may induce cancer, cataract, cardiovascular diseases and long-term psychological effects." Let us now consider the affects of radiation further.

A page titled Radiation-Induced Effects on Plants and Animals: Findings of the United Nations Chernobyl Forum, is linked here. In the right-hand column of PDF page 2 of 14, it notes how the plant kingdom and mammals are affected by radiation. Regarding mammals (which would include humans) and the effects of radiation, the page states: "Scientific reviews...indicated that mammals are the most sensitive organisms and that reproduction is a more sensitive endpoint than mortality. For acute exposures of mammals, mortality generally occurs at doses >3 Gy while reproduction is affected at doses <0.3 Gy. Chronic exposures alter the responses, with mortality occurring at >0.1 Gy d-1 and reproduction affected at <0.01 Gy d-1. So, let us quickly see just one or two ways in which reproduction can be affected.

In the region surrounding the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, there has been a high rate of anencephaly (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9), which is a serious and deadly birth defect. A page linked here is titled Linkage -- Multiple Sclerosis and Ionizing Radiation. At the bottom of PDF page 2 of 12, it notes that "ionizing radiation is considered the probable cause of Down's syndrome." And now, moving quickly onward, there is more to the story of the effects of radiation from nuclear facilities than simply birth defects. The page linked above also notes that in 1983, "there was a considered epidemic of MS in Spokane County, Washington." From the evidence, it appears that even the MS may be a result of ionizing radiation.

On PDF page 4 of 12, of the page linked here and above, it notes that "the five counties surrounding the Hanford Nuclear Reservation with but moderate EPA radon exposure, have a high prevalence of 200 MS cases/100k" people. A page linked here is titled Idaho Downwinders Tell their Story at NAS Hearing. The third paragraph in the section titled Researchers Find Radiation Causes More Diseases declares: "Dr. Peter Rickards, DPM, reviewed the Multiple Sclerosis Society data on the incidence rates in Idaho. While searching for data Rickards found the government's Hanford website had noted, but dismissed the clear MS rate difference between Washingtonians upwind and downwind from Hanford."

From the information presented above, it becomes clear that the government is wilfully skewing the data, while simply dismissing clear evidence that there is a difference in MS rates between those living upwind and downwind of Hanford. That same Idaho downwinders page, linked here and above, in the first paragraph in that section titled Researchers Find Radiation Causes More Diseases declares: "Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine found that "Ionizing radiation can functionally alter the immune system and break self-tolerance"(a technical term for when radiation breaks down the normal ability to fight off disease)."

The page linked here and above, about the Idaho Downwinders, in the second paragraph of the section titled Researchers Find Radiation Causes More Diseases declares: "Downwinders [of nuclear facilities] have claimed for decades that radiation causes more diseases than the limited list of cancers that the federal government recognizes. High on the Downwinders list is the autoimmune disease multiple-sclerosis (MS), which appears to occur in epidemic proportions in regions exposed to Nevada Test Site, INEEL, and Hanford fallout." But, as many people appear to understand, the govenment eugenicists are simply ignoring or stiff-arming these injured Downwinders.

That Idaho downwinders page, linked here and above, in the sixth paragraph of the Researchers Find Radiation Causes More Diseases section, declares: "While MS clusters are often dismissed, when you look at downwind Hanford and all of Idaho, 'it does appear a large footprint from the Nevada Test Site fallout matches the high MS rates.'"

So far, the connection between Multiple Sclerosis and radiation has been considered. But let us now look at cancer. The Idaho downwinders page, linked here and above, in the seventh paragraph of the Researchers Find Radiation Causes More Diseases section, declares: "According to an October 2004 article in the New Scientist, 'The risk of getting cancer from tiny amounts of radioactivity inside the body could be 10 times higher than previously thought. That is the conclusion of an exhaustive investigation into the health effects of low-level radiation in the body by UK government advisers.'"

In the paragraph above, consider once again these words: "The risk of getting cancer from tiny amounts of radioactivity inside the body could be 10 times higher than previously thought." Chronic exposure to tiny amounts of radioactivity inside the body is what it appears people are getting who often or consistently drink water from that contaminated aquifer system in the region around Hanford. And what is this aquifer system contaminated with?

From the records, it appears that into this regional aquifer system went a large share of the 440 billion gallons of radioactive waste from Hanford which was intentionally dumped into the ground, plus pumped into the groundwater and aquifer (link). Much of this high volume of radioactive waste (link) appears to have been in the form of extremely mobile, chelated radionuclides. And, there is yet more to consider. Many of the crops in the region surrounding the Hanford Nuclear Reservation are irrigated with water from this aquifer which has been contaminated with radionuclides. This appears to mean, internalization of radioniclides by those who eat these tainted food products, plus the potential for damaged DNA.

Looking once again to that Idaho downwinders page, linked here and above, in the tenth paragraph of the Researchers Find Radiation Causes More Diseases section are found these words: "Laboratories in Europe and North America have shown that the descendants of cells that seem to survive radiation can suffer delayed damage, a phenomenon known as 'gnomic instability.' Cells adjacent to those that are irradiated can also be damaged, known as the 'bystander effect'. And increased mutations have been found in small pieces of DNA called mini-satellites which are passed from one generation to the next."

About half way down the Idaho downwinders page, linked here and above, it notes that at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL), the U.S. Department of Energy will leave "significant quantities of formerly classified high-level radioactive waste in place for ever." The page then states: "This will result in additional contamination of the Snake River Aquifer over time." The page states further: "INEEL radioactive and chemical waste is already extensively contaminating the aquifer that most of Idaho and the downstream Columbia River states of Oregon and Washington depend on as a primary water source." So, is there more that could be added to the information just presented?

At the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, it appears that eugenicist government agencies are working to have high-level radioactive waste reclassified to low-level nuclear waste, so they can just leave it in place forever. This highly radioactive waste is already flowing into the groundwater and regional aquifer system beneath the Hanford site. This virtually guarantees that this aquifer will be contaminated with radionuclides for as long as humans are upon this earth. This translates to birth defects, plus potentially even cancers and a host of autoimmune diseases for those who live in or steadily partake of the food and drink products from this region.

Since the radioactive wastes from Hanford started going into the aquifer system in the 1940s, under the watch of the eugenicists who controlled Hanford, it appears that what has been perpetrated upon the general public is simply a form of indescriminate nuclear genocide. It appears to be a "dream come true" for the eugenics and depopulation crowd, who appear to be connected with that foreign-controlled New World Order. That, in itself, is a whole story.

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